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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does IGC offer?

IGC has linked the Grooming Industry Certificates with the Nationally Recognised Qualifications for you to gain recognition and qualifications within the grooming industry.

Who is the type of groomer this educational program and assessment for?

  • The mobile groomer.
  • The salon groomer.
  • The employer groomer.
  • Grooming staff.
  • Grooming training centres wanting to get students assessed by IGC (application applies).

Students gain benefits such as Student membership for the PIAA. For PIAA certification, students must join the PIAA on a reduced rate Student membership.

What qualifications and certificates does IGC offer?

Nationally Recognised and Industry Recognised professional grooming/stylist certificates.

What does certification mean?

Certification means you receive a certificate that any one person, business, or company can supply. Certification is NOT a recognised qualification.

What is an IGC Industry Recognised Professional Grooming/Stylist Certificate?

This is a certificate that is recognised by the International Grooming Company (IGC). All the educational materials are supplied by Dog Grooming International (DGI). These grooming manuals and assessments are approved by an Industry Skills Council.

There are three levels to gain for an Industry Recognised certificate:

  • Level 1 "Entry Level into Professional Dog Grooming"
  • Level 2 "Professional Pet Stylist"
  • Level 3 "International Master Groomer"

What is a Nationally Recognised Qualification?

This is a qualification that is mapped against nationally recognised standards to assess your skills.

The full Certificate III in Pet Grooming and Certificate IV in Pet Styling has now been endorsed and is now on the scope.


Can I start Certificate IV before completing Certificate III?


If you are completing breed standard trims you can go straight into Certificate IV.

If you have not completed Certificate III you will need to complete the DGI Level 1 and Level 2 online assessments and practical assessments to complete Certificate IV.

If I have completed Certificate III can I move to Certificate IV?


You will need to complete the DGI Level 2 online assessments and practical assessments.

If I am not a groomer can I start the Certificate III without training?


To be able to start Certificate III you will need to be working and training in a workplace.

You can then go to a Training Centre and register for the IGC online and practical assessments.

Can you complete the International Master Groomer without completing the Certificate IV nationally recognised qualification?


We want all groomers to obtain a qualification to a national recognised standard before gaining the International Master Groomer.

Can you complete the Cert IV Nationally Recognised Qualification without completing your International Master Groomer TM?


You can come back at a later date and complete you breed standard assessments again to gain the percentage required to gain your International Master Groomer certificate. The online written assessments will be taken as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) against the IMG.

How do I Regester to start my Grooming qualification?

Register with IGC

“International Grooming Company”

Visit our website

Download Registration forms and Confidentiality forms to register.

See our 6 easy steps to register on this website.

How do I complete my Certificate III in the workplace?

Evidence must be collected and observed within the workplace for the practical assessments. You can start your online assesments and  practical assessments and continue to work. Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information on how you can start your Certificate III today.

IGC use their assessors to assess the assessments for the final results.

If an IGC Assessor is required to visit your workplace for extra tuition this is an added cost.

An IGC assessor has to conduct the assessments in a group or the trainer or your employer must collect evidence and observe the assessments. If an assessor is needed there will have to be a group of at least 10 students or an extra travel fee will be charged .

How do I complete my Practical Assessments for Certificate IV?

Practical Assessments can be completed at a workshop that IGC is conducting.

Practical Assessments can be completed at some grooming competitions. IGC will be able to advise on what events practical assessments will take place.

Do we have grooming training centres around the country?

While a number of private training centres use DGI training manuals for resource materials, they are not connected in any way with IGC , DGI or The Registered Training Organisation (RTO) been used. We have no input into their syllabus or teaching methods, and we bear no responsibility to the training you receive.